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Real Estate Support Service June 9, 2015

Real Estate Professionals in Sri Lanka

Welcome to the property related professionals search of Sri Lankan most featured Property Sale Web Site.
Through this page we have given you the option of finding a property related professionals of your choice. Here we have listed all types of professional service from all around Sri Lanka.

The Various Real Estate Support Services

There are several real estate support services that help real estate industrialists run their business smoothly. Real Estate industry can take advantage form the expertise of land valuators, site selectors, architects, surveyors, etc. Without these people, the industry cannot stand tall. This article will explain why.

Land valuators

Whether you are an owner of a property and are thinking about selling it, or are willing to buy a property, or you want to be assured that the property is being properly valued.  During the process of land valuation, all the necessary expertise of a valuation expert needs to be involved. He or she is needed for the identification of the potential use of a certain property and then utilise the same.

A land valuation professional helps in the:

§  Development of option analysis

§  Construction of comparison analysis

§  Generation of concept layouts for the development options that are available

§  Generation of site marketing materials

§  Construction of cost comparison analysis


Site Selectors

Whether you have identified the requirement of expansion to a new location or business relocation or simply want to secure extra investment properly, you need the service of site selectors. A significant part of the process of acquisition is to analyse objectively the present zoning and site features of the property in order to make sure that the objectives are met. A site location professional helps you with concept requirements, locating potential properties and provide you with the technical expertise to make sure the property is capable to meet your requirements. He or she also finally tells you if you should proceed with the project or not.

The prime functions of a site selection professional are:

§  Creation of  operational cost guidelines

§  Comparison analysis and site suitability

§  Site availability research

§  Construction cost estimates



Architects are the people who plan and develop building; hence, their role is indispensable. They are the people who turn vision into reality. They are involved in the very inception of the building:

§  Selecting sites

§  Planning and designing

§  Undertaking feasibility studies

§  Managing building budget

§  Designing the interiors

§  Managing and selecting the project team

§  Landscaping the surroundings

§  Maintaining the building

Architects can be very useful in saving money. This is because they have an in-depth knowledge about the process of building, thus, can tell you about the most economical means to erect a certain structure. They can help you avoid expensive mistakes by planning and managing the project effectively. They are trained and experienced in finishing a building task on time and within budget.


Land Surveyor

He or she is the one who advices you on the best parts of the land to build, in order to reduce the possibility of breaking building regulations, and also make projections on certain problems that can be encountered in the future during the use of the land.

Besides, surveying before buying a land can make you aware of the different physical changes that may have been going in the land and the best way to adapt it to your own purpose.

The functionality of a Real Estate agent is fortified by the support services of the above mentioned service providers.


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